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For the last two and a half years, I've helped Kim Lyon launch and grow her latest entrepreneurial adventure. Kim is a multi-passionate, traveling artist based in Arizona. 

Brand Awareness

As Kim started to grow her business, I helped her create a strong brand identity that resonates with her personal story of becoming an artist. 

This started with a branding package, which included a logo, typography, icons, and content that she could use across marketing channels, festival booths, and online stores.

Creating an Online Presence

It was important to establish a strong online presence for Kim since she is selling a curated, high-quality product. Together, we built a visually appealing website that showcases her work and the unique value she offers.

To keep her story consistent and engaging across all platforms, we established brand guidelines that outline key messaging, visual elements, and tone of voice.

Scaling Strategy

Kim had big goals for 2023, so we co-created a strategic plan for moving her business forward in the new year. Using a service blueprint, I helped Kim document and visualize her customer experiences, and execute roadmaps for her new services like in-home visits and exhibitions.  


By mapping out these processes and interactions, we were able to identify areas for improvement, increase efficiency, and ultimately provide a better customer experience which will increase profits.

My Contributions
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