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Your 60-Minute Starting Point for GROWING Your Business.

Step into your power as an entrepreneur. This game-changing Power Hour will help you uncover challenges holding you back, brainstorm fresh ideas, and strategize personalized action plans to uplevel your passion into profit!

Personalized Notion Workbook

60-Minute Deep Dive Strategy Session

Ignite Your Business By Fueling Your Focus Area


Your 60-minute starting point for entrepreneurial and strategic growth.


Choose your focus areas!


  • Create Your First Marketing Funnel

  • Curate Content Pillars

  • Personal Branding + Storytelling

  • Social Media 101

  • SEO Basics

  • Product Launch Roadmap

  • Community Involvement


Purchase your Power Hour Consult!


Then, you'll be sent a short form to complete to help me better understand you and your business. 


Book your Power Hour!


Once your payment is processed, use your booking link to select a date/time that works best for your creative energy.


Now it's Power Hour time!

During our deep dive together, we will collaborate on a series of activities aligned with the focus area of your choosing.

  • You’ll receive a personalized Power Hour Workbook (digital or print) for a structured experience.

  • Take home a step-by-step action plan to guide your creative journey.



Each focus area was designed to ignite how you run your creative business. From marketing to sales, it's important to fuel each segment of your business with the passion and attention it deserves.

    • Dream it. Brainstorm it. Plan it - Your business begins right here!๐Ÿ’ฅ

    • Begin by tapping into your wildest visions and daydreams, then activate a concrete plan to pursuit your passion.

    • Leave with a step-by-step roadmap to start moving the needle on your business dreams today.

    • Infuse fun into your marketing funnel to turn potential leads into delighted customers.

    • Craft a high-converting marketing funnel to turn casual browsers into loyal customers with our comprehensive strategy session.

    • We'll map out an automated funnel tailored to your business, guiding prospects through awareness, interest, desire and action seamlessly.

    • Say goodbye to scattered to-do lists and hello to structured, efficient workflows in Notion!

    • Maximize your time and energy by centralizing all your important activities in one platform.

    • You'll leave your Power Hour Consult with a digital home base!

    • Identify your niche and core expertise to build content themes around.

    • Create a mix of entertaining, educational, and inspiring content under each pillar.

    • Repurpose and redistribute your themed content across platforms for maximum exposure.

    • Craft a compelling personal brand story that resonates with your audience, building an authentic brand.

    • Get the fundamentals of social media marketing, from creating engaging content to growing your online community.

    • Uncover the secrets of SEO and equip yourself with a simple yet powerfully effective starter kit to boost your online visibility.

    • Navigate the journey from product ideation to launch with a clear roadmap for a successful introduction to the market.

    • Learn how to build strong connections and make a positive impact within your community, both online and offline.

Fast & Affordable

No need to break the bank! This consult was designed for creatives and makers like you, to offer maximum value in minimal time.

Structured Success

With your personalized Power Hour Workbook, you'll have a clear path for growth for your creative business. During your consult, we'll collaborate together on every page, getting you one step closer to your goals.

Personalized Strategies

You deserve a strategy as unique as your creative business. Each strategy is aligned with your focus area and crafted with care!

Empowered Learning

Experience the excitement of learning the skill you've been avoiding. My guidance will give you the confidence and empowerment to make the best decisions for your business.



๐Ÿš€ Gain powerful insights into your chosen focus areas.


๐Ÿ”ง Receive personalized strategies created for your business.


๐Ÿ“‹ Leave with a step-by-step action plan that aligns with your creative vision.

During the Power Hour consulting session, we'll dive into one focus area of your choosing. We’ll brainstorm fresh ideas, strategize, and uncover any challenges that are holding you back!



Can't decided which focus area to choose? Why not pick 3! This Power Hour Pack includes (3) 1 Hour sessions.



Client Love

Haley was excellent at breaking down and explaining how to get picked up in the Google algorithm so that my site reached more people. Her social media strategies gave me a new way to engage with potential customers, which I am excited to implement. Her suggestion to get involved in online communities has been a game changer, connecting me with so many amazing people. If you're in the market for somebody to care about your business success as much as you do, Haley is the person for the job.


Hightails Grooming

"Let me tell you about Haley – she's been a lifesaver for my business. When I was drowning in my to-do list and didn't know where to start, her Power Hour Consults gave me direction without breaking the bank. Her guidance has been invaluable – seriously, I don't know where I'd be without her. If you want someone who's genuinely invested in your success, Haley's the one to go to!"


Marketing Designer

Thanks to Haley, I feel incredibly organized now. I am 100% a Notion lady, and she helped me create the virtual home I've always needed. Without Haley, I'd still be scrambling, lost, and keeping everything in my head. The tools she taught me in the Power Hour have been incredibly impactful, and I can't express how much I appreciate her energetic support.


Love + Wellness Mentor

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