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Creative Business Consulting

Your one-stop shop for business planning, virtual assistance, and marketing support.

Turn your challenges into limitless opportunies!

Drawing from a plethora of design disciplines, I create systems and structures that seamlessly align with your business,  allowing it to shine brighter than ever before.

Creative Consulting

Let's dive deep into your business challenges together and uncover the source of stress. We'll work on creating a plan to help you expand your success and paint a beautiful masterpiece of growth.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is more than a consultation; it's your passport to a world where alignment and growth go hand in hand. Take the first step towards a business that not only survives but thrives!

Virtual Assistance

Unleash your creative genius without being bogged down by day-to-day tasks. Delegate graphic design, marketing, and admin tasks to us. Focus on what matters most for your business while I handle the details.


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Virtual Assistance Services

It's time to get your ish together! We all know it takes a team to run a THRIVING business, so why not hire an assistant that can bring the fun and get ish done!?

    • Iconic Strategy Sessions: Learn More!

    • Email Marketing & Newsletters & New Sequences

    • Lead Generation & Sales Funnels

    • Community Building & Outreach

    • Social Media Engagement & Strategy

    • Schedule pre-written & pre-approved social media content

    • Creating & Organizing Notion Workspaces

    • Organizing  Google Drive or Dropbox

    • Client Communications & Email Management

    • E-commerce Management

    • Calendar & Schedule management
    • Project assistance, research & reporting

    • Brand Kit Development

    • Facebook & Instagram Ads

    • All the Templates! : Email newsletter, Canva templates, thumbnails, presentations

    • Marketing Collateral: Business cards, wall tags, table tents, pricing sheets, lookbooks

    • Banners & Large Format Signage

    • Supporting the creation of websites in Squarespace and Wix

    • SEO Optimization

    • Ecommerce Setup

    • Newsletter Signup & Integration

    • Routine Maintenace & Troubleshooting

    • Looking for a day assistance? Hire me to help!

    • Market/Festival Sales Assistant

    • Packaging + Fulfilling Orders

    • Day of Event Coordination

    • Pay what you can <3

Power Hour Consult:

Your 60-Minute Starting Point for Strategic Growth

Fast & Affordable

No need to break the bank! This consult was designed for creatives and makers like you, to offer maximum value in minimal time.

Structured Success

With your personalized Power Hour Workbook, you'll have a clear path for growth for your creative business. During your consult, we'll collaborate together on every page, getting you one step closer to your goals.

Personalized Strategies

You deserve a strategy as unique as your creative business. Each strategy is aligned with your focus area and crafted with care!

Empowered Learning

Experience the excitement of learning the skill you've been avoiding. My guidance will give you the confidence and empowerment to make the best decisions for your business.

Meet Haley,

Your Biz Bestie

Hey there! I'm Haley Francis-Halstead, a passionate problem solver, systems superstar, and free-spirited creative.

I have an animated, energizing mindset to life and business, allowing my curiosity to overcome chaos, sift through distractions, and unravel complex situations.


Let's create together!


"When I met Haley, I saw right away that she has impressive skills. She's smart, insightful, and strong - a real powerhouse! That's why I asked her to help me start my business. We created a plan and designed a brand that puts people first. Now, Haley helps me create efficient processes to focus on what matters most to me. Without her, my business wouldn't be as successful as it is today."

Kim Lyon

Global Artist

"Haley helped me adopt the tools and software to become my own project manager. She helped me take my business steps out of an overthinking, overstimulated mind and into a pretty, inspiring, and organized home base. Creating this virtual home base instantly gave a boost of energy, clarity, and inspiration. Haley has a way of making the business tasks that were once intimidating feel creative and even fun. "

Simona Kay

Wellness Coach

"Haley has a luminous personality that lights up any room and a positivity that is truly infectious, often setting the tone for the entire team. She demonstrates an uncanny ability to leverage design methodologies, systematically turning intricate problems into streamlined solutions. Thanks to her, our team regularly transformed complex challenges into kickass MVPs efficiently and gracefully."

Bob Waite
Senior Designer

"Haley is a standout leader! Her biggest strength is understanding and breaking down complex ideas into manageable roadmaps and documentation. She excels at communication and can always explain the desired vision clearly and comprehensively. Haley's fun and passionate approach to her process will make any project a blast."

Kaitlyn McKamey
Creative Manager

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Branding + Marketing

Kim Lyon Design

Branding + Marketing

BFA Capstone Thesis

Good Intent Card Deck

BFA Capstone Thesis

Product Management + Design

Reco Mobile App

Product Management + Design

Speculative Design

Tap Mixed Reality

Speculative Design


Design Thinking

Wave goodbye to chaos and say hello to actionable roadmaps and blueprints aligned with every aspect of your business.

Power of Play

Allow me to manage the back-end systems of your business, freeing you to fully express your creative vision.

Drawing from a plethora of design disciplines, I create systems and structures that seamlessly align with your business,  allowing it to shine brighter than ever before.

KIM LYON DESIGN, LLC  |  Global Artist


GOOD INTENT   |   Superpower Card Deck



KIM LYON DESIGN, LLC  |  Global Artist


Brand Strategy
Experience Design

GOOD INTENT   |   Superpower Card Deck


Design Research
Generative Tools

RECO  |  Device Recovery Webapp


Product Design
User Research

TAP  |   XR Glasses + App Design


Speculative Design
Design Strategy
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