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Transforming your stressors into a crystal clear action plan ✨

🚀 Playful Problem Solving

Say goodbye to mundane decision-making! My approach turns problem-solving into a creative adventure. I infuse playfulness into every step, making strategic planning an enjoyable and empowering experience. It's not just about finding solutions; it's about rediscovering the joy of growing your business.

🌈 Limit Decision Fatigue

Overwhelmed by a myriad of choices? I’ve got your back! My Strategy Sessions provide a structured playground for your ideas, minimizing decision fatigue. No more endless options; just a clear, step-by-step path tailored to your business, ready for exploration.

🗺️ A Place to Start

Stuck at a crossroads with no clear starting point? My Strategy Sessions are your compass, guiding you to the perfect beginning. Embrace the relief of knowing where to start and watch as the journey unfolds with purpose and clarity.

📋 Leave with a Step-by-Step Plan:

Transform your ideas into actionable plans! My Strategy Sessions don't just end with inspiration; they conclude with a personalized, step-by-step action plan. Walk away with a roadmap for success, ready to implement and elevate your business.

Are you struggling with...

❌ Balancing creative work with business demands?

❌ Overcoming creative blocks and feeling inspired?

❌ Picking up the pieces after a failed launch?

It's time to SHINE and tackle the twists & turns of your to-do list.



Looking for a creative approach to solving your business challenges? Look no further than my Strategy Sessions! We will work together to discover the source of your stress and create a step-by-step plan for success. Say goodbye to decision fatigue and hello to a clear path forward with my personalized approach to strategic planning.

30 MIN


This is a bite-size version of my signature 1 Hour Strategy Session :)

Ready to strategize?!

Here's your Strategy Session options...

Please note: Once your payment is processed, you will receive a booking link to find the time that works best for you :)

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