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RECO ™ Mobile App

Mobile Recell's mission is to equip enterprise employees with the guidance, options, and resources necessary to successfully return corporate-owned IT assets.

Our goal was to design a mobile app with configurable guidance, based on your program and policies, supports end users through a successful IT asset recovery process.

My Role

Product Manager (1 yr)

Lead Product Designer (2 yrs)


Mobile Recell Design and Development

What's the challenge?

The average unsupported recovery project often fails or only hits an average of 30% recovery.


Reason: The person that has the asset is never prioritized. To drive success, those end users need simple, easy, actionable guidance.

Key Objectives

1. Initial Communication

2. Step-by-step Guidance

3. Flexible Recovery Options

4. Save Through Self-Service

How is this solution novel?

Reco is the end-user focused portion of our Recovery Platform, which allows you to configure your IT asset recovery program, centralize IT asset data, inform and initiate tasks.

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