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🍾 2024 Business Planning Workshop

for Creatives, Artists, & Small Biz Owners

JANUARY 11th, 2024

5pm ET | 4pm CT | 2pm PST

🍾 Workshop Agenda Highlights:

  • Reflecting on 2023: Revisit your mission, celebrate successes, identify areas for growth, and spotlight exciting projects for the coming year.

  • 🔮 Visioning Exercise: Daydream and envision a vibrant future for your business.

  • Goal Setting Adventure: Write down targeted goals for creation, operations, and finance, creating a holistic approach to your business growth.

  • 🗺 Action Planning & Milestone Mapping: Use the Creative Canvas to plot your goals, milestones, and future acheivements along a timeline. You'll leave this workshop with a detailed Q1 plan that merges your vision with reality!

One-time Investment 🤑

Early Bird until Janurary 1st, 2024 - $77

Full Price - $111

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